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Hillary Clinton hits Chicago on 'Hard Choices' book tour

Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, former first lady and United States secretary of state who is considered a 2016 presidential candidate, is in Chicago for a couple of days to promote her new book, according to the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday. The book “Hard Choices,” as Clinton has titled her work, is available to the public for purchase as of Tuesday. Of course, anyone who has listened to or read the media outpourings of the past week knows some of the highlights that are presented in the text already. It makes sense that Chicago has been chosen as one of her premiere locations for rolling out her book tour since she is from the Chicago area.

Reportedly, hundreds of thousands of copies of the book are hitting stores and mailboxes across the U.S. on Tuesday. As far as the speaking engagements and snippets of the book that were released before the actual release day of the book are all part of the plan. It is being called the campaign that really isn’t a campaign. Now that the book is officially out and ready for purchase, Clinton has chosen her home state of Illinois’ biggest city Chicago – not far from her former home of Park Ridge – to roll on with her promotion of the book as well as the promotion of Mrs. Clinton herself.

Clinton’s high-profile rollout of the book not only included the ABC News hour-long prime-time special with Diane Sawyer on Monday night. On Tuesday, Clinton also did a live interview on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts. The setup is much like what was negotiated by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, when he released his memoir. Mrs. Clinton’s book, however, is not a memoir. Instead, it is being called a delicately presented account of her time spent as the United State’s secretary of state under President Barack Obama.

Clinton is in Chicago to give a speech to the United Fresh Produce Association and Food Marketing Institute in Chicago – a speech for which she will be paid. On Wednesday morning, she will be interviewed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel who was a former aide to former President Clinton and President Obama. As one can imagine, with book sales at stake, the book tour will roll on from Chicago and hit more cities and television networks.

According to Time, Clinton is not on this tour to promote her candidacy to run for president in 2016. Clinton has repeatedly said that she is only considering a run for the highest office in the nation. Most recently, she was grilled by Diane Sawyer and said she won’t even consider the option of running until the end of 2014, if not later.

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