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Hillary Clinton has skeletons that may cost her Democratic nomination

Hillary Clinton is a walking time bomb of scandal and deceit
Hillary Clinton is a walking time bomb of scandal and deceit
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Last Wednesday the Senate made a decisive statement about the September 11, 2012 tragedy that was the Benghazi murders of our Libyan Ambassador and three brave Americans.

A bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee found that the State Department, under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, could likely have prevented the deaths of these men, USA Today reports.

For the first time since September 12, 2012, Congressional Democrats joined the Republicans to condemn the State Department for refusing security measures at the diplomatic mission.

The report went on to say no less than 15 people in Libya who attempted to help in the FBI investigation of the murders have been killed.

Does it matter now Mrs. Clinton pertaining to here statement months ago to a Senate subcommittee investigating Benghazi?

They probably weren’t Americans so why should we care?

Ms. Clinton should not be given a free ride on the tragedy for many reasons. Her past has come back to haunt her.

Who will ever forget the mysterious Vince Foster suicide or James McDougal’s “timely” heart attack? Anyone wishing to dig deeper, unlike the mainstream media, can find the truth.

The answer is that almost everybody involved knows what happened.

Now Hillary Clinton is most likely going to run for the presidency in 2016. The American people still don’t seem to care.

There are bad Democrats as well as bad Republicans. An uninformed American public chooses to vote for a candidate surrounded by “convenient deaths” rather than cross party lines.

If the election were held today, which thankfully it was not, Hillary would win in a landslide and people don’t seem to care. Did she have something to do with these tragedies? Obviously there is no solid proof. There will likely never be proof.

Americans need to bypass the mainstream liberal media and educate themselves through other means.
If not, we are doomed as a people to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

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