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Hillary Clinton beating republicans in Florida poll

Hillary Clinton ahead of Republicans in Florida poll
Hillary Clinton ahead of Republicans in Florida poll
Photo by Adam Bettcher

Things aren't looking good for Republicans when it comes to taking the White House in 2016. This news report shares that Hillary Clinton is beating both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in a poll of Florida voters. Gravis Marketing released the poll, showing that Clinton is favored over the GOP's two leading choices. With the 2016 election almost in sight, this news comes as a refreshing bit of optimism for Democrat voters, and some sour grapes to conservative voters who are hoping to "take back" the White House and somehow reverse all of the progress Obama has tried to make.

859 registered voters in Florida took the poll -- 44% of which indicated that they'd vote for Clinton during the upcoming presidential election when given a choice between her or Marco Rubio. However, the number lowered a little to 39% when given the choice between Clinton and Jeb Bush. So it seems that Jeb Bush is more favorable than Marco Rubio in the state of Florida, but Hillary Clinton comes out on top of all three choices.

Florida is a swing state, which means it's sought after in elections like Ohio and Nevada. Clinton was recently spotted in the Midwest, which sparked reports that she was trying to get the edge on the upcoming election by winning over these states ahead of time. Since Florida appears to already favor the former First Lady, it's probably safe to agree with those previous reports.