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Hillary answers 2016 presidential race question in roundabout way

German magazine Stern gets Hillary Clinton to express her passion to see a female U.S. president in her lifetime.
German magazine Stern gets Hillary Clinton to express her passion to see a female U.S. president in her lifetime.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Finally, the answer everyone has been waiting for: Will Hillary Clinton throw her hat into the ring in the presidential race in 2016? Based upon a recent statement she gave to a German weekly magazine called Stern, which published excerpts on Monday according to the June 16 report published by the Denver Channel, the former NY Senator and Secretary of State said that when it comes to a female president I "will do everything I can to make that happen."

Most everyone assumed she would run, but she has remained coy about her plans, choosing to focus on traveling the country to promote her new book "Hard Choices" rather allow herself to be pinned down too soon on a presidential bid. And that's wise, since it opens her up for political attacks from her opponents earlier than need be, although that does not appear to be holding them off if recent revelations about "The Hillary Tapes" are any indication.

But Hillary Clinton did not state emphatically that she would be running for president in two years, merely lamenting the opinion that the U.S. is lagging behind countries like Brazil, Chile and Germany, because it refuses to put a woman into the highest office in the land.

I don't know if that means I will be the person to make that happen," she admitted in the interview with the German publication. But it will not be because she has not tried, of course. Or that she does not try yet again.

When Clinton faced off against Barack Obama the country was torn between its conservative and liberal voters, making it imperative that the Democratic Party choose the candidate that had more of a chance in upsetting the status quo (another white man in office). The Party could have went with Hillary then, and some thought it was the year for women, but Obama gained the upper hand, as putting a black man in office appeared to be far easier at that time than overcoming the glass ceiling for women.

So the former Senator bowed to her Party and graciously accepted the role the future president would offer her, biding her time--and taking on a national stage role in that presidency--until it might be her turn to try again. And Fox News reported on June 17 that it was a "confident Hillary Clinton who put Obama supporters on notice" when she was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren Tuesday evening, setting the stage for more distancing from her previous opponent in the days leading up to the next election, so she does not have to answer for any missteps she believes he made in that governmental leadership role.

Confirmation appeared to come during the German interview, when Clinton told Stern that "I would be as furious as the Germans are (about the NASA listening into Merkel's mobile phone call). I would demand that my friend and ally stop eavesdropping immediately," she said, giving the impression that her presidency decisions would be much different than the current ones being made.

On Wednesday the German magazine will reveal more of the interview with America's former First Lady Hillary Clinton, but so far they have shared enough about the passion she has to see a woman achieve the office of president to know that she will either run in the 2016 presidential race or she will support another woman to do it at some point in the near future. But don't look for that woman to be Sarah Palin, as Clinton is still more of a committed Democrat than a supporter of any woman breaking the biggest glass ceiling of all professionally.

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