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Hillary and Bill Clinton veto vegan and vote for low carb weight loss diet

Hillary Clinton follows low carb diet.
Hillary Clinton follows low carb diet.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

After undergoing heart surgery, former President Bill Clinton decided to become a vegan. But physician Dr. Mark Hyman persuaded Clinton and his wife Hillary to shift to a sugar-free low carb diet that has been shown to boost weight loss more effectively. As a result, Clinton lost 30 pounds, reported the International Business Times on Sept. 1.

Dr. Hyman, who authored several books based on low carb diet principles such as "The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body's Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast," emphasizes the importance of eliminating sugar, gluten and other common causes of inflammation and weight gain. He expressed concern about the amount of starch in the typical vegan diet and insufficient quality protein sources. "It's hard being a vegan to eat enough good, quality protein and not have too much starch," he said.

It's not just the former President who has benefited from the diet change. Amid rumors that Hillary Clinton will seek her own seat in the White House and turn her husband into the first "First Husband," she knows that what the public and other politicians view as her health level plays a key role in her future.

Appearing youthful and vigorous are essential qualities in a potential President. And for Hillary, who is all too aware that many of her own peers are dying or ill, it's even more critical, reported the Washington Post on Aug. 31.

Both Clintons are quietly working on expanding and staying in touch with their political network. And Arkansas plays a key role. That's the state where diet-aware Hillary first attracted attention as first lady in leading a fight for children's health. And she has continued to emphasize childhood obesity in her political platform, although not to the extent of Michelle Obama.

Dr. Hyman first met Mrs. Clinton at a fund-raiser in New York, according to the New York Times. They discussed both his own views on weight loss and their mutual concern about childhood obesity. "She then called me and we've just become friends," he said in an effort to detract attention from the rumors that it was a political ploy.

But when the doctor and the Democratic diet diva dined together for three hours at the West Street Grill in Litchfield, Conn., rumors escalated that Hillary was hoping to boost her health profile in preparation for a race in 2016. She dined on grilled salmon and fresh fruit in accordance with Dr. Hyman's diet guidelines. And if she does win and places him in a prominent position as her physician, it may foreshadow a change to the food pyramid that recommends the very foods, such as grains, that he vetoes.

Hillary is profoundly aware that her health and appearance are constantly scrutinized. She joked during a speech that her memoir would be titled "The Scrunchie Chronicles: 112 Countries and It’s Still All About My Hair."

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