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Hillary is in a swirl of controversy over her speaking fees

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In the wake of her recent comments that she and Bill were "broke" upon leaving the White House, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is under attack for her high university speaking fees and for failing to reveal how the money is being spent. In response to questions, Hillary only is saying that the fees are going to The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation; but she is not telling anyone how the Clinton Foundation is using the money, according to ABC News on Wednesday.

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation thus far has donated millions of dollars to help girls and women, improve health globally and promote economic growth and vitality. Despite this, HIllary still is under fire for failing to indicate the specific things that the Foundation is doing with the money she receives in her speaking fees.

The super rich PAC (Political Action Committee), America Rising, requested that Hillary become transparent about how the Clinton Foundation is spending the money that is being donated by Hillary from her speaking fees. America Rising's executive director, Tim Miller, put it this way:

“Secretary Clinton is using the foundation as a shield from scrutiny. If she is going to cite donating speaking fees to the Clinton foundation as her defense for taking big speaking fees then she has a responsibility to be transparent about how that money is being spent.”

However, HIllary is stating that the money from the fees goes from the university foundations to the Clinton Foundation, or, as she said, "from Foundation at a university to another foundation."

Some of the fees that have been paid to Hillary to date include: $252,000 from the University of Connecticut paid in April, $300,000 from the University of California paid in March and six figure fees paid to at least six other universities.

While the underlying motive of those calling for Hillary to reveal how the Clinton Foundation spends its money is undetermined, one can suspect that the actual motive might be the following: Hillary is a presumed Presidential candidate in 2016. Tim Miller and his organization America Rising and others may suspect that the money is being saved for Hillary's Presidential campaign in 2016. The fallacy of such a belief is the following: To use money donated for charity for an election campaign would be embezzlement and would constitute a felony. Hillary is an attorney and former prosecutor and is well aware of the law. If she does run for President in 2016, it is highly likely that she won't allow her campaign to come under scrutiny for embezzlement and other campaign funding irregularities.