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Hildebrandt's: Old fashioned place, old fashioned prices

In today's "supersize it" "have it your way" lunch world, there is something refreshing about stepping inside the doors of  an old fashioned sandwich shop.   With sub sandwich chains popping up on every corner, the rare mom and pop delicatessen are a nice change of pace when you can find one.   HIldebrandt's proves to be just that kind of a "find" and is more like a trip to grandmas for lunch than anything else around. 

In business since the late 1800's, Hildebrandt's has served the likes of many Augusta businessman.  Step inside the unassuming building located at 226 6th Street in downtown Augusta and a metal bell clanks the door as it closes behind you.  Inside you'll find an array of convenience items such as snacks and drinks, a small section of canned goods, cleaning supplies,  tobacco products, spices, candy and a vast array of other perishables.  Walk to the back of the store, past rows filled with grape soda and moon pies and you'll find Miss Luanne Hildebrandt greeting customers with a quick hello and a what will it be?  

Take a seat on one of the wooden benches at the community marble table and wait to indulge in a one of a kind Augusta sandwich.  Nostalgia fills the room as customers wait on lunch.  Black and white photos of the matriarch and patriarch of the Hildebrandt family line the walls.  Your pocket book will be smiling when you leave Hildebrandts.  The most expensive sandwich on the menu is priced at a mere $3.50 ( the price some pay for a tall coffee) and in this economic recession, that's a welcome thing!    The menu sits on an old butcher's chopping block for all to read.  

On a recent visit, the pork chop sandwich (two pork chops) on white bread  was perfectly seasoned and not a bit overcooked. Try the reuben sandwich piled high with lots of corn beef and topped with cheese, saurkraut, spicy mustard and thousand island dressing if you prefer.  Other popular menu items are the Hildebrandt's special, which includes four meats and two cheeses for $3.50.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches are staples here.  For sides, try the German Potato Salad or choose from an array of chips.  On a recent visit, lunch for four people with drinks, three bags of chips, four sandwiches, two moon pies, a sucker and a pack of candy nerds ran less than $18.00. Lunch at Hildebrandt's is one of those simple pleasures well worth trying in Augusta.  


  • Lonnie Best - Augusta Craft Beer Examiner 5 years ago

    It's nice to see a place like Hildebrandt's survive. The survival rate for local businesses in downtown Augusta is abysmal, but this staple has managed to stick around for quite some time. All they need now is to carry a great selection of beer to drink with their wonderful sandwiches.

  • Jason Pope - Augusta Political Buzz Examiner 5 years ago

    Hildebrantdt's is tops! I love the atmosphere there, so quaint. Hey Lonnie, you've got beer on the brain man! But in all seriousness, I love the flavor of the sandwiches and this article... Good job Ms. Mills!

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