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Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie announce separation

Hilary Duff will always be known for her role as Lizzie in "Lizzie McGuire." She was one of the Disney Channel stars that grew up and had little drama in her life. She married ex-NHL star Mike Comrie in 2010 and the couple had a baby boy in 2012. Their son Luca will be two in March. According to a Jan. 10 report from TMZ, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie have decided to split and divorce is inevitable. The two are committed to co-parenting their son and will remain friends.

When the announcement came that Hilary Duff had married Mike Comrie, fans were estatic for the couple. Sure there is a seven-year age difference, but that wasn't going to affect these two. Four years and a son later, the couple has decided to remain friends and move on. Both Comrie and Duff have made statements regarding the separation and both have acknowledged how important the other is in their lives.

Now that Hilary Duff will be single again, there will be plenty of suitors ready to court her. Fans are hoping this means she will return to acting, even if it is just part-time.

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