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Hilarious video: A True Tale From Texas

The video below is freakin hilarious. It's also completely accurate.

It's not often a few bucks in a couple of state races can have a huge national impact. But that's exactly what's shaping up in the Lone Star State. Because Texas buys textbooks as a single block, the state has the largest impact on K-12 curricula in the nation. That's precisely why the Texas state board of education was quietly targeted, and won, by the most extreme crazy right-wingers you can imagine who turned public ed in Texas into a national joke. I'm talking about folks from the Sharon Angle-Christine O'Donnell wing of the GOP, people so extreme they view education as a threat.

But Judy Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau are standing against the extremists. Check either candidate's background and you'll see they're both award winning professional educators with years of experience. If either one wins, together with some moderates fed up with the extremists, it's the wing-nuttiest who will be shut down. In short, the outcome of either of those two elections could affect the entire country for years to come, but both races are so local that just a few bucks or votes could make the difference. Please help if you can.

Single stop contribution to Judy Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau here.


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