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HiLa tHe KiLLa releases 'White Girl Wasted'

She's done it again! Comedy rap songstress/director HiLa tHe KiLLa has released her third music video to date, "White Girl Wasted." The song parodies the antics of suburban girls who come to NYC to party and dance. Booze, boobs and bad decisions make for a hilarious time, and no one delivers the humor better than Hila Perry.

White Girl Wasted
Hila Perry

Filmed on location in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the video shows a different side of the often glorified night club scene. Hila's less romantic, farcical interpretation focuses more on the awkwardness than the elegance. Sexy high heels that look spectacular in most "scene" footage are shown to be a painful impediment to walking straight. The short skirts are there alright, but they are just as much an excuse to pee on the sidewalk as to show a little leg. And when it comes to getting free drinks, nothing quite works like a push-up bra.

Forking, fellating and locating one's friends after a night of inebriation are high on the list. So put on that microskirt, slap on those stilettos and get ready to party!

Watch "White Girl Wasted."


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