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Hiking in Visalia

Visalia hiking watch out for ankle injury risks
Visalia hiking watch out for ankle injury risks
Lucinda Roth

Visalia is only a short drive from Fresno. However it provides you with the opportunity to enjoy some amazing hiking trails.

Be aware of tough terrain
Lucinda Roth

One amazing hiking trail is the Alta Peak hiking trail. This is a technical and very physically demanding hiking trail. The hiking trail features huge and steep ascents that reward the hikers with amazing views of the Sierra Nevada. The hiking trail is located in the Sequoia National Park so there is an entrance fee. Additionally if you plan to spend the night since it is in a national park a permit is required and there may be a fee to get the permit.

The hiking trail is a total of 26 miles. Additionally as you are hiking you will go up about 3,800 feet. The hiking trail is very out back style so you will need to watch your steps to help avoid injury. This is not the type of hiking trail where anyone can go in any shape or anyone can go running on the hiking trail. The views are amazing especially from June to October. The hiking trail also can be tough for some because at its peak the elevation is about 11,000 feet which can be a bit thin for some people.

If you want a map you can contact the Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park Service. It is typically shown on the John Muir Wilderness area maps in additional to the Alta Peak Topographic Maps and the USGS Lodgepole maps.

Some things to remember when you are hiking is to bring sunscreen, water, food, and make sure to let people know where you are going and your timeline. This hiking trail is in the wilderness and does not seem to be well traveled. If you get lost, which hopefully would not happen, it is best if people know when you went, when you wanted to come back, and where you went so they can send help to search for you.

Prior to going on this hiking trail make sure that you are in good condition. The hiking trail takes you through tough terrain where in many areas you can not turn around. Additionally there are areas where you have no shade so you need to be able to handle the elements.