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Hiking Tomo Kahni Village

Kawaiisu inhabited areas from Southern Sierra to Rehachapi
Kawaiisu inhabited areas from Southern Sierra to Rehachapi
Lucinda Roth

Get some amazing fitness opportunities and learning opportunities by hiking the Tomo Kahni Village hiking path. There are some tricks with this hiking experience. One of the biggest is that the hiking experience of typically only available with a docent leading you. The amazing hiking experience takes you through the Tomo Kahni hill village where the Kawaiisu use to roam. This was their Winter Village area. The hiking tour takes you by the wind sculptured rock formations and pictographs associated with the ancient Kawaiisu. Additionally the hiking takes you to see some preserved villages. This is usual in that during the 1990s tribal elders and officials developed this in partnership. During the hiking experience the docents may point out that the purpose of this hiking experience is education. There are no signs or visitor facilities along this hiking trail. Additionally the hiking experience has a bit of mystery in that the exact location is not really disclosed to hikers, instead you follow the docent into the Tehachapi area. The entire hiking experience is about 3 miles but can take 2 hours or more since the docents tend to take quite a bit along the way. The talk is almost more interesting that the views as the docents, based on my experience, are extremely enthusiastic and extreme knowledgeable. As you are hiking the docent may talk about how the Kawaiisu were basket weavers, hunters, and gatherers. Many believed that they used over 200 plants for foods, drinks, and medicines. As you are hiking you can view the pinyon pine woodlands and see where the Kawaiisu found pine nuts, berries, and other foods. As you are hiking keep your eyes over for a sandstone rock that pops out of the scenery. It has over 400 holes where the Kawaiisu are thought to have ground acorns and seeds to make food. It is an awesome view. If you have kids keep your eyes out for Rabbit Rock. This is a huge rabbit shaped boulder. Also watch for the rattlesnake pictograph on the over face caves. Another great treat on the hiking experience is the opportunity to see wild animals. It is not uncommon to see deer, birds, and more along the hiking route. Often, based on my experience, the docents will point out the animals.

Enjoy the hike with a guide
Lucinda Rtoh

If you plant to go on this hiking experience call ahead. In general reservations seem to be required for this hiking experience. Additionally the hiking tours are typically only available during the spring and fall. In summer it is often too hot for the hiking tour and during the winter it is often too cold for hiking.

You can reach this by driving south from Fresno on Highway 99. Head down to Highway 14 in Mojave and then go west onto State 58. Next you will continue about 20 miles to Tehachapi. The hiking tours typically begin at the Tehachapi Museum at 310 South Green Street in Tehachapi. This is just south of East E Street.