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Hiking this summer

What a wonderful time of year for our FFBFs and for us also. Time to be outside and enjoy the fresh air along with the beautiful flowers and long walks we can take together. One item always a good idea for a walk is water for us and our FFBF (Four Footed Best Friend). We cannot trust the waterways as we could before. It seems that frequently (at least once a week) we are hearing of another water access that is either infected with some bacteria or sediment. These toxins are so dangerous for our pets as well as us.

Many trails and parks are used by so many that it is almost impossible to keep all clean. And with the Forestry Department for the U.S. being cut back to less than normal staffing, we sometimes things just don’t get looked at as often as before. In Washington State, every year we have alerts for especially dogs being poisoned when at saltwater parks, due to the boat and human waste. Many people train their FFBF to only eat or drink what is provided by the steward of the pet. This is a good behavior we could all use to protect our friends.

Our pets love to go along and visit all the same places we go. We just need to give a little thought to having them with us and what is necessary to take. Taking a pet emergency kit is always a good thing to have; a small amount of food and water; a little wrap for warmth. We should never assume that if for unknown reasons we must stay out all night that our pet will be warm or secure enough without a wrap. And a part of that wrap which we can share with our pet is the waterproofing above and under us. Have a wonderful summer with and enjoy the great outdoors.

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