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Hiking the Dresno Bridge Trail

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Hiking is an amazing way to exercise and enjoy some amazing scenery. The Bridge Trail is an easy day hike for people of all skill levels near Fresno. The hiking trail is in the San Joaquin River Gorge. The hiking trail takes one through oak woodlands along the San Joaquin River Gorge. There is an area of the hiking trail where there is a narrow suspension bridge that takes one across a canyon. The suspension bridge can be extremely scary if you are not comfortable with heights or if you are not comforble with moving bridges. The suspension bridge along this hiking trail is extremely thin so it is extremely difficult for two people to pass along the suspension as the suspension bridge is extremely narrow. If you see someone getting on the bridge on one side it is recommended that you wait until they cross until you try to go onto the bridge. The entire hiking trail is surrounded by forests and woodlands and grasslands for miles and miles. The trail is extremely well marked. Except for the suspension bridge the majority of the hiking trail is wide enough for people to go hiking side by side. An amazing part of this hiking trail is how unused it is. You can go hiking and hear the birds and other animals for miles. Additionally it is not uncommon to complete the entire hiking trail without seeing a single person.

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The hiking trail is a short drive from Fresno. The entire hiking trail is approximately 2 miles. You have minimal elevation gain on the hiking trail therefore you do not need to worry about thin air. Additional the skill require to complete the hiking trail is not significant because the trail is usually very clear and does not have very dangerous areas. The hiking trail is an out back style trail which means that the hiking trail is dirt. However the dirt is relatively flat. Depending on your skill level it may even be possible to go jogging on parts of the hiking trail. However there are some tripping hazards along the hiking trail so you do need to be careful, particularly if you are jogging on this hiking trail. Additionally it is not uncommon to see mountain bikers along the hiking trail and they can come fast around blind turns so alertness is highly recommended. The best times for views based on experience is fall, winter, and spring. During the summer time the hiking trail can be extremely dry with minimal views. Additionally the majority of the hiking trail has negligible shade so during the summer it can be extremely hot. If you would like a map of the area you can contact the USGS. The hiking trail is typically listed on the Lake East maps and from experience it was posted on a signboard at the trail head. Another thing to be aware of is that there are cows grazing in the area. Therefore you may want to watch the ground so you don't step into anything.