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Hiking the blue trail at Blackledge Falls, Glastonbury CT

Now most times a hiker can come down here and be inspired by the waterfall that flows. But after a dry spell and absolutely no snow accumulation this last winter, the waterfall has gone into quiet mode. This Examiner missed the fast flowing waterfall and the wonderful intense sound it made; which was always present when he reached it.

Blackledge Falls and it trails.
Photo Copyright belongs to Jeffrey Burke
The Blackledge Falls during a dry spell.
Photo Copyright belongs to Jeffrey Burke

But this beauty still has a little life left even now and you can count on it to return in full strength again in the near future. This should not however prevent you from moving on up the mountain and getting a good hike in.

Walk past the trail entrance to the waterfall on the blue white trail and circle around on the blue trail to an unmarked path. If you go left this trail easily carries thru-travelers of all kinds through to the power lines. Power lines here have become a little known short cut to the Shenipsit Trail and a back way into the Case Mountain Park in Manchester CT.

Now that is a really big trail system, so stick to the blue trail for a long venture and turn back on either of the two trails (right turns) one is an unmarked Green trail or just keep following the blue trail. These old trails appear to be cleared fire roads and have easy access back to the blue white trail which you started out on.

On this blue trail system, you can cross two peaks and down along the top edge of a valley. Which will lead you along a mountain stream turning left following the blue trail up the opposite side of the valley. However left turns onto unmarked pathways along the blue trail will lead you directly through open space into the back forest of Gay City Park.

If you do come down here this spring; pick a day after a rainy day, so you can expect some life from these ancient falls. Once your up near the falls, take a look around you there are some unusual stone piles all around.

Could this be the ancient fire pits of a campers, burial site of native Americans, or some farmers idea of markers? Whatever the cause it’s pretty cool and eerie that all the pictures I took of the stones came out blurry and they seem to be the only blurry shots for the day. Look yourself, at the end of the slideshow you can just make out the stone piles.

For more exciting pictures about Blackledge Falls reads Jeff’s previous columns about this exciting place in Glastonbury CT .


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