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Hiking in San Diego: Lake Poway Loop Trail

Lake Poway Loop Trail-slide0
Heather Zupin

Lake Poway is a large recreational area with multiple hiking trails. The park is inland and in the lower part of North County. The lake is a water resource for the area, and also provides visitors with a place for hiking, fishing, boating, birdwatching, and archery. There is free parking near the entrance, along with a picnic area and a small playground. The park has a lot to offer for families and small children, but many of the trails are best for experienced hikers. All of the trails are dog-friendly.

Lake Poway Loop Trail is a 2.75 mile trail around the lake. Despite the name, it does not go all the way around the lake in a complete loop. It might have at one time, but now is closed for a portion near the dam. The trail is unpaved and some parts are very steep. This is an easier trail than Mount Woodson, a popular and challenging hike located in the same park.

Wildlife is abundant at the lake. The shore and grassy areas are overflowing with ducks, coots, and other waterbirds. The birds are used to people, and won't be afraid to get close to you. Check out the slideshow for pictures of the playful little guys.

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