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Hiking Near Tulare

Enjoy giant trees
Enjoy giant trees
Lucinda Roth

Are you looking for a fun way to get out of town, get some exercise, and not have a long drive? Consider hiking in Tulare County. They have many cool hiking trails.

Watch for rocks
Lucinda Roth

The first great trail is the Sycamore Trail which is located within the Kaweah Oaks Preserve. This hiking trail is flat. The hiking trail is extremely well marked making it ideal for not just hiking but also for jogging through the hiking trail or doing some intervals. The hiking trail is maintained by the Sequoia Riverlands Trust. The hiking trail takes you through amazing sycamore and oak tree groves. There is also an opportunity for a guided tour. Although typically they seem to charge a bit for a tour unless it is one of their special events. The hiking trail is only about 2 miles round trip. You can reach this hiking trail by taking Highway 99 south. You then take 198 east and continue for approximately 7 miles past the downtown Visalia exist. You then go north on Road 182 and continue north for about half an hour. The parking and entrance is on the left side of the road. The hiking trail begins about a quarter mile from the parking lot.

The next amazing hiking trail is the Santa Fe Trail in Tulare County. This is past of the rails to trails system. The hiking trail takes you past vineyards, suburbs and forests. There are markers every quarter mile along the trail making this hiking trail amazing for interval work. Additionally there is lighting through many areas along the way. The entire hiking trail is about 10 miles round trip. The trail begins at Live Oak Park at 600 N Laspina Street. Again you can reach this hiking trail by taking Highway 99 south and then exiting on Highway 198.

Another amazing hiking trail is the Admiration Point hiking trail. Unfortunately unlike many of these other hiking trails this does have an entrance fee. The hiking trail takes you through amazing views of the park. The hiking trail is about 6 miles round trip. You can reach this hiking trail by taking Highway 99 south and then taking Highway 198. You exit at Ash Mountain park entrance and then continue on Generals Highways until you reach the Crystal Cave turnoff. You then continue for about 4 miles on Crystal Cave Road and then onto Colony Mill Road until you reach the Admiration Point trailhead.

Since you are paying an admission fee to enter the Sequoia National Park you may want to try other hiking trails in the park. One great one is the Heather Lake and Pear Lake hiking trails. These take you through amazing alpine lakes and through beautiful forests.

Another hiking trail in the Sequoia National Park is High Sierra Trail. This is an amazing trail however it is very long so you can spend 10 days easy hiking this trail.