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Hiking Mount Steward

Hiking and climbing path with flat areas
Hiking and climbing path with flat areas
Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Hiking near Visalia can provide you with different views that the views you typically find when hiking near Fresno. One of the amazing hiking opportunities near Visalia is the Mount Stewart hiking trail along the western pillar and on the northern face. This hiking trail is quite technical so not recommended for the faint of heart. The hiking trail features a 90 foot stone and rock wall where during part of the hiking trail you will be scrambling up the rocks. You may at many times of the year need some hiking gear in order to go up this hiking path. There are several different routes so as you are hiking be alert for which route you take. Additionally as you are hiking up think about your next ten moves to make sure you pick the route that matches your skill level. In several areas the path that looks easiest if you don't look ahead will actually be tougher than the other trails. Be especially careful during the winter. During the winter it is very very common along the hiking trail to find slippery rocks, black ice, and snow covered platforms. As you are hiking you will often find about 2 or 3 snow covered platforms along the way. There is about 1,500 feet of climbing on granite along the last part of the hiking trail. Make sure to keep an open mind as you are hiking to ensure that you turn back if things get dicey.

Bring hats for shade
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The hiking trail is part hiking trail and part climbing trail. As a hiking trail the elevation gain can be a bit significant. As a climbing trail the elevation gain is fairly minimal. The hiking and climbing trail is about a grade III. The class of this hiking and climbing trail is abut 5.9+. The peak elevation along this hiking and climbing trail is about 12,205 feet. If you want a map you can contact the Sequoia National Park. This hiking and climbing trail is typically shown on USGS Lodgepole and Triple Divide Peak maps. This hiking and climbing trail is often shown on the Mount Stewart West Pillar on the North Face Topographic Map. The hiking trail views are amazing but you do work very very hard to achieve these views.