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Hiking Lewis Creek National Scenic Trail

The Lewis Creek National Scenic Trail is an amazing hiking trail near Oakhurst. This is approximately an hour drive from Fresno. The hiking trail is amazing for all skill and experience levels. There is minimal technical hiking required. Additionally the hiking trail is well maintained to minimize risks of injuries. Furthermore the hiking trail is predominantly used by hikers and walkers with few off road vehicles or bicycles on the hiking trail. The trail is extremely beautiful from May until November.

Many watery areas during spring
Lucinda Roth
Enjoy well marked trail
Lucinda Roth

Make sure to bring extra socks and shoes if you are going hiking here during the spring. There is a number of transient rivers and creeks that arise due to snow melt. At times you may have to go through water or mud to continue on the trail. Although in most of the areas I have seen with transient creeks there are sufficient stones to leap from one spot to another in lieu of walking in water. The trail is extremely well marked through the majority of the trail is brown trail signs that do not just label the hiking trail but also label the direction. One thing to be aware of is that mountain lions have been seen in this area so you do want to keep your eyes open.