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Hiking Fresno Table Mountain Trails

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The Table Mountain Trail is a short trail near Fresno that is amazing for either a hiking trip or a jogging trip. This trail is near other hiking and jogging trails around the Millerton Lake State Recreational Area. This is what makes this Fresno area trail amazing. It is such a short drive from Fresno, but feels like millions of miles away because there is so much wilderness for either jogging or hiking or both jogging and hiking. This Fresno area hiking and jogging area can be reach by driving from Fresno down to Wellbarn Road. You can park you car on Wellbarn Road.

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The Fresno area hiking and jogging trail is extremely strenuous. It is also a out back style hiking trail. This means that there are areas that are not very well maintained so hiking is the only option in some areas. Jogging might be too dangerous in these areas before they are overgrown or rocky so there are major trip risks. The land is owned by the US Government and operated by the Forest Service. It is very out back and not too well used so you really are on your own out here. It is near Prather. You park on the side of the road. You then squeeze through the gate posts to start. They have these gate posts in so they are wide enough for a walker but not wide enough for someone to drive in an ATV.