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Hiking Fresno Millerton Southern Shore Trail

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Millerton Lake is only a few miles from Fresno but provides some exciting hiking opportuities. The key to being on a budget and still exercising is finding locations to hike that are fun and close so you minimize the amount of money that you spend on gas and both wear and tear on the car driving from Fresno

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The Millerton Lake South Shore Trail near Fresno is extremely easy to jog on. It is predominantly flat so you have few natural hazards. If you jog you can finish the entire 4.9 mile round trip in about an hour. However if you are going with kids or want to stop and swim midway you can easily spend 3 hours or more on the trail. It is approximately 2 and a half one way. The best scenic section of the trail is near the picnic area.

The Millerton Lake area by Fresno is only approximately 20 miles north east of Fresno. In addition to this trail there are other trails in the area if you want to make an exercise day of your trip. You can go jogging on these other trails Other trails include the North Shore Trail and Blue Oaks Trail. This South Shore trail is sometimes referred to as the Winchell Ridge Trail.

When you arrive at this Fresno area trail expect a nice smooth trail for jogging with clear amazing views of the lake. People frequently bicycle and jog on this trail. The trail begins at the Blue Oak Picnic Area where you can start jogging. It continues around Winchell Bay with smooth areas for jogging. It ends at The marina where you turn around and go on the same trail back and if you want a challenge try jogging back. The first couple miles are a bit boring for jogging since they are along the road. Then the trail hugs the shoreline and gets interesting and is quite beautiful for jogging. You can even enjoy a picnic before heading back to Fresno or go jogging on a different trail.