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Hiking Fresno Millerton General Hiking Trails

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Millerton Lake is a short drive from Fresno and host to Marching Band competitions, concerts, and much more. This Fresno area lake has a bunch of amazing trails for both hiking and driving. Additionally there are options for mountain biking, jogging, hiking, bird watching, swimming, and boating in the Fresno county locale. There are two general areas for your hiking and jogging pleasure in this Fresno county locale. The first area for hiking and jogging is just near Bureau Road. You can reach this area driving from Fresno and taking the Millerton Road exit and then crossing the river at Road 206 and then turning on Bureau Road or parking in the area right before you cross the bridge at Road 206. The second area is at Winchell Bay. You reach this area by driving from Fresno to Millerton Road and then turning on Winchell Cover Road.

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You can go hiking or jogging at the Road 206 path. This path is very easy but also very short. it is approximately half the length of the hiking and jogging trail at Winchell Bay. However this hiking and jogging trail is a bit more scenic. The Winchell Bay hiking and jogging trail is longer but the first mile or so is along the road and a bit boring. however after that the path follows the shore and is amazing. You can also go hiking and jogging near the Kechaye Cultural Preserve.