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Hiking Fresno McKenzie Table Mountain Fun

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Enjoy fun hiking and jogging experience near Fresno. In Fresno drive towards Auberry and you will find the McKenzie Table Mountain hiking and jogging trail. This Fresno county area trail is a one way non-loop hiking and jogging trail. Drive from Fresno and turn onto Auberry Road. Just before you reach Granite Creek Land but after you reach Homestead Road you will find the trail head. You park at the trail head and then you can start jogging down the trail or if you prefer you can take it easy and go hiking on this trail before heading back to Fresno.

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The area is within the McKenzie Table Mountain Preserve. Within the preserve are a multitude of areas for hiking and jogging. There are an amazing number of temporary puddles, streams and rivers. The vernal pools have a multitude of animals within them. The hike is very hot because there is minimal shade along the trail so make sure that you bring water and sunscreen. A hat is also a great idea.