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Hiking Fresno Area Pincushion Peak

Pincushion Peak is an amazing back country hike just outside of Friant. Along the hiking trail one can enjoy amazing views of Friant Dam. The entire hiking trip is about 5 miles. Expect to spend about 3 hours hiking since the terrain is medium. Additionally there are so many amazing wild flowers along the way and lake views that it is likely that one may want to stop many times along the way to enjoy views. The usage of the trail is medium so make sure to bring supplies because you can not always expect to see people on the route. Keep your eyes open as you are hiking because there is both mountain biking and hiking on this trail. In my experience people are typically fairly respectful but it is always good to keep your eyes open. The weather during spring is around 70 to 80 degrees so having a hat is definitely a great things as you are hiking. Another great way to make the most of your hiking trip is to look at nearby trails. There are several such as Pa'ason which can be done before or after this trip so you can enjoy more exercise along the way.

As with any hiking the primary thing to remember is to bring water. There is minimal options for getting water if you need it while hiking.
Lucinda Roth
Beautiful Views
Lucinda Roth



Pincusion Peak is an amazing back country hike. It is just outside of Friant. Friant Dam views along the way are amazing.

Pinchushion Peak is a great back country hike that is about 5 miles round trip. It is near Friant and is regularly used for both hiking an mountain biking. It has some amazing views of Friant dam.

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