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Hiking Fresno Area Edison Point Loop

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Hiking provides fun, exercise, and fitness at minimal cost. Sometimes one may want to get out of Fresno, however he or she does not want to drive too far from Fresno to get his or her hike on. Sanger and Pine Flats area provides ample options for hiking. The best thing about these is that the majority of these sites have no entrance fee. Why pay the $10 or more local, state, and national park entrance fees when you do not need to? A great option that is only a short drive from Fresno is the Edison Point Loop Trail. This hiking trail is near the Pine Flat Lake. The trail has free ample parking near by. Additionally the hiking trail is very very well marked for the majority of the trail.

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The best part of hiking this trail is the amazing views of Pine Flat Lake. If you go hiking in this Fresno area trail during the spring the hilly meadows are full of multicolored wildflowers. No matter what season you go hiking you can enjoy the shade from the oak woodlands that abound on the Edison Point hiking trail. Additionally one gets an especially good exercise when you go hiking on this trail because there is a significant elevation change as you continue on the trail. The steepest parts of the trail are near the end which keeps you from taking the hiking trail too easily. Additionally the trail is fairly well maintained so if you are careful it can be smooth enough for you to go jogging along the trail. The total loop of the trail is approximately 4 miles. Hiking it can be done in just over an hour. If you are jogging you can easily get done in about 45 minutes.