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Hiking Big Talbot Blackrock Beach

Views of black rocks are amazing
Views of black rocks are amazingPhoto by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Get you Fresno treat on another coast and see things that put some of the hiking views you see in California to shame. The Big Talbot Blackrock Beach is an extremely unusual hiking experience with a one of a kind beach experience. The Big Talbot Island has a very unusual rocky shore of beach land. The beaches you go hiking on have huge dark all black rocks. As you are hiking you will also see bleached roots of live oaks. You also see huge pieces of driftwood as you are hiking. The hiking trail takes you along a shore with bright white sand hugging the black rocks. Since Blackrock Beach has free access it is one of the more popular areas to go to the people. It has a beautiful and remote look to it. The free access to this hiking beach is off of A1A. Please note if you want to go hiking here or just enjoy the beach there is a fee if you enter through the main entrance. If you are hiking or enjoying this beach it is recommended that you arrive early because it does get crowded very quickly on weekends. You can reach this hiking and beach area from jacksonville. You follow the A1A north past the Mayport Ferry. You will continue on 3.1 miles to reach the Blackrock Beach. This hiking area is near the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park. You can enjoy a multitude of hiking in the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park if you get bored of the Blackrock Beach. If after you finish with the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park you can enjoy the Nassau Wildlife Management Area. The Nassaur Wildlife Management Area is an enormous area for hiking and enjoying wildlife. If you would like more beach hiking experiences after the Blackrock Beach you can enjoy Fernandina Beach and Atlantic Beach.

Beautiful for birders
Beautiful for birdersPhoto by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

If you are hiking here you start on a wide hiking trail through oaks and palmetto. The start of your hiking experience is very shaded. However do not forget sunscreen because not all of the areas are very shaded. The hiking trail takes you to a shoreline with abundant black rocks. The hiking trail then takes you near beautiful bluffs. Finally the hiking trails takes you by tidal pools and amazing Ospreys. The unusual views continue as you go to the north. You continue hiking and can see bleached trees everywhere. Please watch the tide as you are hiking it can come in quickly. The entire hiking trail is about a mile. If you want some more hiking you can continue down Heckscher Drive to the Buccaneer Trail and go hiking some more.