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Hiking the Metacomet trail on the Farmington River, Tariffville CT

Metacomet's Farmington river trail
Metacomet's Farmington river trail
Photo Copyright belongs to Jeffrey Burke

This portion of the Metacomet trail system runs along the Farmington river, obviously fisherman are going to love this place. It is remote enough to find just the right place to fish without anyone bothering you. The wide river is over flowing with fish and there are many anglers out here on weekends. But just imagine how quiet this remote town is during the week.

Farmington River as seen from The Metacomet Trail
Photo Copyright belongs to Jeffrey Burke

You can sense the timelessness of this great place, although the trails may have changed. The name Metacomet graces this place. Metacomet was the son of Chief Sachem Massasoit, who rescued the pilgrims in the winter 1620 by providing them food and teaching them how to survive in the bitter winter. This led to the acceptance of the Wampanoag tribe by the pilgrims and thus leading to the story of the first Thanksgiving.

In an ironic twist Metacomet who was a student of the English colonist became an enemy of the new colonist. Once he became chief of the Wampanoag tribe he with the help of many tribes, fought a war that ended in defeat. That Indian war became known as the King Philip’s war; after Philip Metacomet, the English name Metacomet was given and used by English colonist to address him and write of his exploits.

When you start you hike or look for a place to fish take the blue trail along the Farmington river near the bridge. Park near the sign on the side of route 189 near the Metacomet sign. Take a left by the guard-rails and head down the blue trail, which is well marked. You can walk down along the Metacomet trail day or night but you better carry a flashlight for that night fishing.

This is a heavily wooded area so protect yourself from bugs and ticks, be prepared for brush that has not been cleared yet.

You can hike this all the way through to West Suffield Mountain, but this Examiner, would not advise it unless you are an experienced through hiker and plan on being picked up in Suffield. Still this is a nice little respite by the river and a quick place to get your senses back inline with the natural world. There is nothing like the feeling you get when being around a huge swift moving river.