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Hiking Alum Rock Park Trail

The amazing Alum Rock Park is a fun hiking path. It is about a 4 hour drive from Fresno so a fun weekend trip. The hiking trail is in between the Alum Rock Canyon and the Mt Diablo foothills. The hiking trail begins in the Alum Rock Park which is just west of San Jose. This is one of California's beautiful parks. The hiking trail has a strong history. The 2.4 mile trail goes past an old tourist rail line. The hiking trail has many many facilities such as water fountains and rest rooms along the way. There are several sections of the hiking trail that are paved. There are a few areas though that are dirt. One side of the hiking trail starts with a dirt track and a steep incline. This is the side by the Alumn Rock Canyon. The hiking trail does level out very quickly. The scenery is amazing. There are rolling hills and creeks on both sides. You can see blackberry bushes and rose bushes on both sides in addition to a beautiful fern covered canyon.

Several beautiful stone bridges
Lucinda Roth
Hiking the rail trail
Lucinda Roth

After about a half mile from the Alum Rock start the scenery changes. The scenery becomes a bit more urban. You will soon find a campground and picnic area called Quail Hollow. At Quail Hollow there is parking and this is where the path becomes paved. There is also a playground, field, and other facilities at Quail Hollow.