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Hikers stay overnight in woods, rescue dog missing for 22 days

Hikers stay overnight in woods, rescue dog missing for 22 days
Northwest Cable News / Facebook

On Tuesday, July 29, Northwest Cable News reported that a dog who was missing for 22 days has finally returned home - thanks to a loving family of hikers who rescued the dog. The dog, who had apparently wandered into the woods, is now reunited with her Albany, Oregon family.

On Monday, Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley said that a family had gone out on a hike in the Cascadia, Oregon area when they found a Bull Mastiff. Cascadia is 14 miles east of Sweet Home, Oregon. The unincorporated community was established in 1892 on the South Santiam River.

The tired, hungry dog was in steep, difficult terrain and the family knew that she needed help. After hiking out to call the sheriff's office on Saturday night, they hiked back and returned to the dog. According to Northwest Cable News' Facebook page, they fed her granola bars until the dog could safely get out of the woods.

An Oregon deputy who was involved in the family's call for help recalled that there was a poster of a missing bull mastiff. The missing dog, named Madison, was lost in the Seven Mile Horse Camp area on July 4.

A search and rescue team helped the family, making contact at 3:00 a.m. and helping the dog out of the steep terrain at daylight. After more than three weeks, the missing dog is now back in her home with her family.

There are many resources to find missing animals - especially in the Pacific Northwest. The Facebook page Lost & Found Pets Wa State has helped hundreds of missing pets return home. Organizations such as Missing Pet Partnership and Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue provide tips on missing pets and support to help find missing dogs and cats.

Missing Pet Partnership uses species-specific and behavior-specific lost pet recovery tips. To learn more about what you should do if you have a missing pet, visit their website here.

According to the American Kennel Club, Bull Mastiffs like Madison are intelligent, family-oriented animals who have a willingness to please and make wonderful protectors and family companions. They are powerfully built animals who excel at agility, tracking, obedience, and therapy work.

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