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Hiker films possible Bigfoot trudging though Canadian mountains

Bigfoot believers, start your engines. A hiker in Canada has taken some video footage that has some thinking we may have another sighting on our hands.

Canadian hiker Myles Lamont was on a hike in the Tantalus Mountains north of Vancouver in British Columbia when he and the hikers he was with spotted what appears to be some sort of bipedal creature walking through the snow in the distance.

“I’m pretty sure there’s a Sasquatch down there,” we hear.

Though the video was shot two years ago, as notes on Tuesday, Lamont only recently uploaded the footage to Youtube. Since it was posted on April 25, it has generated over 660,000 views and over 400 comments. Lamont said he only posted it for the benefit of a couple of friends and that there was no intention for the video to garner the attention it has.

Lamont also said that though the creature is only seen as a small black dot in the video, the hikers were able to get a better view than what the camera picked up and could easily pick it up due to the contrast of the white snow. The figure, “clearly bipedal,” reportedly did not appear to be wearing any kind of hiking gear or snowshoes. Based on previous experience encountering animals on that same route in the past, Lamont ruled out the possibility of the figure being a bear or other wild animal.

The mysterious figure seems to be fairly light on its feet, as the hikers observed it covering steep ground in the “middle of nowhere” at a pretty quick pace. In the video description, Lamont notes that what they're seeing is perhaps simply an ill-prepared hiker who chose a more difficult path than a less-experienced hiker would. Still, though, it is shown heading towards a big ridge that offers “nowhere to go that way.”

So the question remains: what do you think? The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization keeps track of Bigfoot sightings and compiles international reports. By the BFRO’s estimate, California leads the 50 states in sightings with 427, though none have been reported yet in 2014.

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