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Hike Providence Canyon Georiga


Providence Canyon -- photo by David Young

There are many great places to hike in Georgia, the heart of the South. If looking for something a little different from the same old hike through the woods, Providence Canyon is the place to go. Providence Canyon is about a 45 minute drive from Columbus, just west of Lumpkin.

The park is free to all visitors, but does require a $5 parking fee. This is standard for any state operated park in Georgia. This fee is used for the upkeep of the park, so we can continue to enjoy our state’s natural beauty. The Park Hours are: Open daily. September 15-April 14, 7AM-6PM, April 15-September 14, 7AM-9PM.

A lone tree -- photo by David Young

Providence Canyon has been called the “Little Grand Canyon” for its deep and colorful ravines. Layers of purple, white, orange, red, and blue clay, paint the canvas of the canyon walls. It truly is an astonishing sight to behold. The trail winds through the canyon floors, providing the overwhelming feeling you are a part of something big.

The canyon floors have a thin layer of water trickling down the path. It can get a little muddy, so be prepared for a little dirt. Pets are welcome to walk down in the canyon, as long as they are on a leash. As said before, it is muddy, so bring a towel for the dog, trust me.

The canyon trail is about 3 miles of winding paths and takes about 1 hour or more to walk through. There are many picture opportunities, so the hike will take longer than it normally would. The park also has a 7 mile backwoods, hiking and camping trail. Picnic tables line the canyon ridge for a fun family BBQ. Providence Canyon State Park is a great time for the whole family.

Colorful layers -- photo by David Young

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