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Hijacker Turkish airport: Passenger makes bomb threat demanding to land in Sochi

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A hijacker made a bomb threat attempting to divert the Pegasus Airlines flight he was on to Sochi, which is the site of the Olympic games that started today. Instead the pilots landed the plane at Instanbul's Sabiha Gokcen Airport accompanied by two Turkish F-16 fighter jets that scrambled to escort the plane to that airport, according to ABC News on Feb. 7.

The plane carrying 110 passengers is still sitting on the tarmac when the pilot radioed security and give them the signal to enter the plane. The authorities are still trying to get the hijacker, who is described as an Ukrainian passenger, to surrender.

The hijacker tried to enter the cockpit of the Boeing 737 mid-flight, but it was locked. The details of this failed hijacking are very vague at this time, but the hijacker was very invested in getting to Sochi for some reason. The Olympic games had just started when the news of the hijacking was revealed.

President Obama has been made aware of the attempted hijacking and the White House National Security Council said it was "monitoring the situation" and has communicated with the Turkish government.