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Hijacked plane headed to Sochi ends peacefully

A passenger flight was detained on Friday in Istanbul, Turkey, following a bomb threat from a passenger. The Pegasus Airlines flight originated in the Ukraine. The hijacker claimed to have a bomb and wanted the flight diverted to Sochi, Russia, home to the 2014 Olympic Games and just a few hours before the opening ceremonies.

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet was scrambled to escort the Boeing 737-800 to Istanbul, according to Dogan news agency. A 45-year-old Ukrainian man, the hijacker was lead to believe the flight was traveling to Sochi, as it landed in the original destination of Istanbul.

Law enforcement officials snuck on the plane and detained the individual, allowing the remaining 109 individuals to evacuate without incident. Reports from the Telegraph state that the hijacker was 'severely intoxicated.' Officials told reporters that the man was carrying a small beg of electronics but did not possess a bomb.

Pegasus is a low-cost carrier headquartered in Istanbul, and the flight was originally scheduled for service to Istanbul. Sochi 2014 is under watchful eyes, as several reports from US agencies warn of a potential terrorist attack during the Olympic Games. As a result, Russia has been under recent criticism for their ability to handle such a threat.

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