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Ethiopian Airlines hijacker: Co-pilot hijacks plane when pilot uses restroom

A hijacked aircraft landed in Geneva and after a bizarre chain of events the co-pilot was arrested for the hijacking of this aircraft. The Ethiopian plane was hijacked by the co-pilot, who waited for the pilot to use the bathroom then locked him out of the cockpit and diverted the flight to Geneva, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Monday morning Feb. 17.

Co-pilot hijacks a plane when the pilot went to the bathroom. Passengers are seen here being taken off the hijacked plane one at a time after making a safe landing.
YouTube screen shot

According to Detroit News today, the flight, which was headed for Rome with 202 passengers aboard, landed safely in Switzerland. The co-pilot’s odd behavior didn’t stop once they landed. He threw a rope out of the cockpit window and slid down to the runway. He then set off running towards a group of security officers asking for asylum.

The co-pilot took control of the plane somewhere over Sudan and he sent a distress signal while flying over Sudan saying he was landing in Geneva. The passengers were not aware that the plane had been hijacked at the time the co-pilot took control. Even the authorities in Geneva thought the plane was coming in for an emergency landing, not a hijacking.

The passengers are seen on the morning television coverage being taken off the plane one by one. They have their hands over their heads as security personal met each passenger getting off the plane. Then they were whisked away in cars from the runway.

Taking the passengers off the plane one by one was necessary as the people on the ground had no way of knowing if the co-pilot had someone in cahoots with him on the plane or not.

The co-pilot took an entire plane of passengers with him while seeking asylum. Human Rights watch said that Ethiopia’s “human rights record has sharply deteriorated over the years.”

He was arrested and faces multiple charges including hijacking.

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