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HIIT Training helps build your endurance quickly

Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or workout enthusiast looking to take your endurance levels to greater highs, try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise interrupted by rest. HIIT has a list of benefits it improves maximal oxygen consumption, Blood vessel health, blood pressure, heart function, blood sugar regulation and neuromuscular control. This type of training is also great for fat loss and staying lean. HIIT training can be grueling but you can achieve great results. You can use your favorite aerobic exercises for interval training; such as treadmills, bikes, stair masters, elliptical trainers or running. Don’t get caught up in a steady paced cardio, change it up to challenge yourself with HIIT. Making HIIT a part of your workout routine to help boost your endurance.

Try this HIIT workout:

Stair master 1 min highest level you can go

30 sec rest

Repeat 5X

Treadmill 1 min highest speed you can run safety

20 sec rest

Repeat 5X