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How the FBI deals with highway serial killings

Keep your family close and informed!
Keep your family close and informed!
Photo by U.S. Navy/Getty Images

A dead body has been found along your local freeway. Could it be the victim of a highway serial killer? Before the FBI announced their Highway Serial Killing's initiative, law enforcement had no way of tracking related cases across the country. Thankfully, today law enforcement agencies can use the ViCAP database which includes information about homicides, rapes, missing persons, and unidentified human remains (FBI, 2009). The use of this database allows crimes across the country to be linked and can act as a foundation in which detectives can create a criminal profile.

What is a criminal profile?

A criminal profile is the deductive analysis of an offender's traits. Law enforcement must look at each serial killer's characteristics separately which includes the type of victim, the way they were killed and how their body was disposed; but keep in mind that not all serial killers will choose a pattern, so it is important to practice constant safety whether you live in Santa Ana or elsewhere. To further protect the public, law enforcement and the FBI must never reveal the details of a criminal profile because a serial killer will adapt their lifestyle to make themselves undetectable (Kershaw, 2007).

Sadly, highway serial killings are the reason why people don't hitchhike or pick up hitch hikers anymore. Highway serial killers are also the reason why truck drivers are feared by many. Highway safety has now become a priority, so if you plan on taking a trip with your kids no matter where you go, keep them close no matter what their age. Always be on the lookout for suspicious activities but never confront a suspect on your own; instead contact your local Santa Ana Police Department if you live in Santa Ana by calling 714-245-8665

Serial killer safety

The serial killer is not one to be out in the open when they commit their crimes; they are the prowler,the planner, the charmer, and the, ultimate evader. A victim would never know they are sitting, standing or walking next to a serial killer because they are invisibly blended in. But to be safe it's to always best to keep to yourself, so be sure to teach your kids to be on guard wherever they go. Stay close and don't draw attention to yourself or appear fearful. The serial killer is most likely going to come after a weak victim, not one who is strong and confident.

Thank you for your visit today, it is appreciated. Please let us know your thoughts on whether people should fear truck drivers? Do you think they are getting a bad reputation because people are being irrational or do you think that one of them could be responsible for the many unsolved murders?


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