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Highrise lobby retrofit, part 2

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In part 1 of recreating a lobby space, we learned about the importance of the public hub for multilevel living environments. Residents may not live in the lobby, but it is an extension of their home. Much like a front porch, it's where visitors gather before entering the home. Having a beautiful living space on the inside is diminished when the exterior is unattractive. The purpose of this remodel was to appoint a better living environment for the residents by creating a more cohesive space in the public areas that join their homes together.

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There are many processes and pieces involved in the retrofit of any environment. Each part has a defining role and no part is more important than the other. This is because they work together as a whole. That is what defines a good remodeling project; multiple pieces working together collectively that create an enjoyable product to use. In part 2 we'll explore the process that goes into installing the foundation, which is the pilasters. This millwork element defines the parameters of the space, and dictates where the other trade's work begins and ends. You'll also get a glimpse of all the puzzle pieces coming together. This would include painting, electrical fixtures, and the wall and floor covering. It is the installation of all of these parts, not just one, that brings the designer's vision into focus.