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Highly explosive energy is in the air!

Heavy emotions and a sense of confusion continue to pervade the cosmos. I awoke this morning to the news that half a million people had fled Iraq, as Al-Qaeda inspired fighters swept through Northern Iraq. The U.S. is threatening drone missions to the Middle East.

All of this is very frightening in light of the fact that Mars, the planet of war, is triggering the point of the Cardinal Grand Cross, which occurred on April 23, 2014. A lot of astrologers were speculating as to what would happen with this legendary Grand Cross setting off Mars, god of war; Jupiter, the planet of expansion; Uranus, planet of upheaval; and Pluto, planet of change and transformation.

This combination of planets is tantamount to four planets arguing in the sky, three of which are the traditional malefics, i.e., Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. A lot of my clients experienced tremendous turmoil and changes in their individual lives durin the spring, but it still do not seem to reflect the energy globally, as much as one would have thought. Now Mars is direct and returning to the fight. This is the final culmination of the Grand Cross.

This week there are several factors of which we all need to be conscious. Mars, the God of War, is exactly squaring Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth today. That is a highly combative influence. Mars proceeds to make a challenging square to Uranus, the planet of chaos, and this is VERY explosive energy.

There could be terrible accidents with these influences; as well as extreme arguments. Be very vigilant and cautious, as a lot of people are feeling drained and unfocused. This is NOT the time to be negligent. This is a time that necessitates your being aware and careful.Keep your temper in check and try to lay low. If others fly off the handle, do not engage with them. Walk away.

We also have a full moon at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, which in itself could be a joyful moon. However, with these aspects, not so much. Indulgence is more likely, as people are irritable and very emotional.

My concern is that U.S. sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer, which is at the crux of the recent Grand Cross, and it is currently getting set off by these highly difficult aspects. Change is most definitely in the air. Let us all pray that it brings freedom and positive change.

One other thing to mention is that the moon will be in Capricorn over the weekend; that moon will also trigger off all of the planets involved in Grand Cross and will augment all of this disruption. Hang in there and stay calm.

"Every great change is preceded by chaos." -- Deepak Chopra

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