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Highly anticipated Garth Brooks announcement gets postponed to July 10

Garth Brooks
Photo by Jackson Laizure

Fans of Garth Brooks have waited 14 years for news of a new tour or a new album. On Monday they thought the wait was finally over. Turns out they will have to wait just a little longer.

The Garth Brooks official website sported a cryptic message last week when it said nothing more than "The wait is over ... 7/7." A press conference and an interview with Garth was to stream live on the website, but disappointed fans tuned in only to find that the date had changed to July 10, 2014.

This delay is most certainly caused by the recent cancellations of two of five sold-out shows that were set to take place in Croke Park in Ireland July 25-29. Local residents objected to having five shows in a row performed at the stadium. No band has played five shows in a row at Croke Park, including Ireland’s own U2.

A record 400,000 tickets have been sold for what are supposed to be Brooks’ comeback concerts, but the Dublin city council has denied permits for the Monday and Tuesday shows stating that “its main concern was the impact that five consecutive concerts would have on the local area.” It was also announced that the council was “not formally consulted by the Promoter prior to the tickets going on sale.”

This leaves Dublin fans wondering if the three remaining shows will even happen, as Brooks himself has claimed that he wants to play all five shows or none at all. "I can't say for definite that the three shows are definitely going to happen," promoter Peter Aiken has said. Sounds like the Garth camp doesn’t yet know what is going to happen.

Garth Brooks declared his retirement from touring and releasing new music back in 2000, stating that he wouldn’t pick it up again until his youngest child turned 18. On January 20, 2014, he made worldwide news when he announced that he would be returning to the stage at Croke Park. Rumors of new material and a tour expectedly followed, and fans and media alike are hoping for answers this Thursday.

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