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Highlights from The Annual Dance Parade on May 17, 2014

Images from the Dance Parade in New York City.
Images from the Dance Parade in New York City.
Vaydra Snow

On a beautiful sunny day in New York City, many very talent dancers were displaying their signature steps to the crowd. There was a whole lot of moving and shaking in the streets of Manhattan for the 8th annual Dance Parade. The event was open to the public and for all to enjoy. The event consisted in total of 142 Dance groups with 10,000 dancers and 77 Different Dance Styles who danced down Broadway! Check out this video, here.

Images from the Dance Parade on May 17, 2014
Vaydra Snow

One of the dance group was lead by Vaydra Snow. Vaydra's groups dance style consists of a mixture of salsa, zumba and a hip hop style flavor dance. She is truly unique with the ability to use her talents to glide in and out of different styles of dance. With all of Vaydra's years of dance experience, she definitely teaches and brings you a new way of training your body.

Vaydra has also been participating in the Dance Parade for years as a result of her own experience as a dancer. Now, one of her goals is to give back by teacher young dancers the value and discipline of dancing. Also, by having them participate in this annual event, it allows them to display their hard work to the public.

Vaydra started dancing at the age of ten at a local dance school in Queens, New York and it was there that she found her passion for dance and the performing arts. She knew right away, dance was something that she wanted to pursue as a career.

She attended Fiorello H. Laguardia High School for the performing art & music and art in New York City. She also trained at Ballet Hispanico and performed at Alvin Alley with an independent Hip-Hop Group and at many venues/clubs in New York City. Now, she currently teach at NYSC (New York Sports Club) and the YMCA and works independently as choreographer for groups, and special events.

With all of the styles of dancing, there is definitely something for everyone. Another of Vaydra's goals is to continue to participate each year in the Dance Parade and help in making to become even bigger and provide more opportunities for young dancers. With the success of the most recent event on May 17, 2014, it is almost certain, that next year will be event better.