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Highlights from Nautica's Fall 2014 presentation

See also was on the scene for Nautica's Fall 2014 presentation titled "Black Sail By Nautica." It was held at the Salon at Lincoln Center. NFL player Andrew Gachkar, Brad Smith, actor Kellan Lutz, and Siva Kaneswaran were in the front row.

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We caught up with Kellan Lutz before the show.

Did you hear that Sean White dropped out of one event?

I think it's kind of crazy. I haven't heard too much news on what's going on over there as far as people dropping out. I'm a huge Sean White fan and and I just love watching him so I think if he dropped out for whatever reason to each their own. If you're an athlete and you want to listen ton your body, you don't have to prove yourself to anyone, It's your choice, that's just one less medal that he could've won or participated for so hopefully I never been able to watch more than one or two days it's long I tried to Tivo it, but it just takes up my whole DVR, but last night I got some snow boarding and hopefully tonight I can catch some more.

What do you love about Nautica?

Everything! It's kind of like the iconic brand that I grew up with and for me I traveled the word so everything has always been looking out of the airplane and seeing the ocean wishing I was sailor and Nautica has always represented that especially the "Black Sail," it's that high classic brand and I live in Venice, California adapting my place for that nautical navy-ish scheme and tone and it's great being here and I love Chris Cox and I love his work … it's just a family group that I have known for a while.

This collection was inspired by images of the frozen tundra. Icy tones contrasted with deep mineral shades. Lightweight technical suits offered modern layering and versatility. Insulated fur trimmed parkas and functional pants completed the collection. Wool and nylon were used throughout the collection. Color highlights included carbon, coal, grey, red, frost, yellow and granite. It was very clean and preppy. The clothes looked modern and very comfortable. In addition to being fashionable they looked functional and warm. Any guy would appreciate these designs in the fall!