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Highlights from Katie Herzig’s interview at the Troubadour in West Hollywood

Katie Herzig
Jason Ikeler

Singer/songwriter Katie Herzig sat down with to talk about her new album Walk Through Walls, her performance at the Troubadour, and the future of pop music. Here are some highlights from the interview:

You’ve performed at the Troubadour before, what does it feel like playing on the same stage as people like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Bob Dylan?

Katie Herzig (KH): I’ve played here a handful of times; it really has become a great place to come back to for us…I think the first time or two I played it I was thinking a lot about the history of it.

What about releasing your new album, Walk Through Walls, are you most excited about?

KH: People hearing it. I worked so hard on it for so long, and finished it three or four months ago….So, there’s been a whole lot of promo about something people can’t hear yet.

Have any of the new songs changed at all after playing them live?

KH: They’re morphing. We’re playing ten new songs in each show. It’s a lot of new, so there are certain things that are working really good and other things that we’re still… chasing down…how to make work live.

Your songs are so personal, is it nerve-wracking performing some of them live?

KH: It’s funny because, especially the new album has a lot of personal stuff on it and…I’ve always kind of written personal heartfelt stuff, but each time it feels like, ‘Am I really insane? Yeah, I’m insane.’ (she jokes).

You’ve been writing a lot with other artists, like Ingrid Michaelson - is that a route you see yourself going down?

KH: It could be, as I do a little more producing of other people. I’ve always collaborated, especially living in Nashville, with other artists. This last season collaborating with her [Ingrid] has been really awesome…I’d love to do more.

Was it intentional to bring more of an electronic sound to Walk Through Walls?

KH: I think it happens with the music I’m influenced, by and the tools I have around me…I love that stuff, but I also love organic…mixed with that.

Pop music right now is very single based- what are your thoughts on that?

KH: If that’s the format right now, I’m not doing it the right way (she laughs)…If you have a great single it changes everything, but, I haven’t been able to go into an album chasing singles. I just make music I like, get to the end and be like ‘crap, are there any singles in here?’...I still love albums because I love context in like a landscape connecting moods and sounds. But, I’m a sucker for singles too. I’ll listen to one song on repeat for days.

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