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Highlight your outfit: Wear a hint of neon

Naven Hooded Poncho, $196,
Naven Hooded Poncho, $196,

After attending Fashion Week, I definitely have come to one conclusion-- street style rules all. Yes, the magazine editors and stylists' outfits were all very well interesting, but it was the bloggers and the do-it-yourselfers that reigned supreme.

The future looks bright
Jeffrey Campbell

One consistent trend I noticed on the streets was neon. After all, color is a very fabulous thing. The idea that you can wear a pop of color with an otherwise bland outfit to make it fabulous is genius.

The day-glo shades that ran the streets were bright yellows, oranges, pop pinks, and greens. But, before you get too highlighter crazy, do avoid wearing too many neons together.

After all, wearing a bunch of these tones together just screams nightclubber, but if you wear one piece with an otherwise stable outfit, you'll look fun without having to stay out till all hours of the morning.

There are tons of ways to incorporate some fluro into your outfit. Whether you choose a hot pair of pink platforms a la Jeffrey Campbell with some black pants, or a neon yellow jacket with a white dress, you'll be the statement of the season and, no doubt about it, stand out.

Or, if you're brave, you can always wear a bright bra underneath a semi-transparent or crocheted top to show off a little fluro action.

Love neons but feel too classy to glow in the dark? Try a Cambridge structured neon bag or some hot pink earrings to subtly let them know what's goin' on.

Check out my slideshow for some bright-as-daylight accessories and items of clothing to add a POP to your wardrobe.

No matter what you decide on, they'll be sure to see you coming from miles away.

Now all you need is a blacklight.


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