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Highlight your life!

Bronzers are not just for the face and eyes anymore! This high fashion cosmetic accessory has become the perfect finishing touch for any skin complexion, giving you that sun-kissed all over shimmering glow, from your head to your toe!

Bronzing highlights adds a bright and fun glimmer to your appearance, and provides a healthier, richer look to your skin’s surface. It is ideal for women with pale skin types to use to enhance the vibrancy of their skin; however, bronzers work for anyone who wants to add a little shimmer to their skin tone. Bronzers, which have been used in Hollywood for years, are fast becoming a must-have item for women who want a little something extra to capture attention. These products are sold as a powder, liquid, cream and gel, so there is a formula designed just right for everyone.

There are all different types of bronzer shades to choose from, so there is freedom in choosing how light or dark you want your skin, and they generally blend very well. Prior to using any type of bronzer, it is advisable to properly exfoliate the skin in the bath or shower, to ensure a smooth surface and sufficient removal of dead skin. Also, if applying a cream, liquid or gel, be sure to allow time for the product to dry completely before getting dressed to avoid staining your garments.

Apply bronzer to your favorite exposed feature, such as your shoulders or bust-line and you are guaranteed to get noticed. Don’t forget to powder your cheeks and nose to give your face an unbelievable glow!


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