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Highlands Gallery Shutting its Doors

It's always sad to say goodbye. That's especially true when many of the same types of businesses are closing down. That's the case with the Highland's Tennyson Street: Galleries have been fading away.

gallery nrc's location on Tennyson
Nadia Archuleta

gallery nrc, which has been in its Highlands location of 4424 Tennyson Street for five years, is shutting its doors January 31. According to its press release, "We have seen [Tennyson] change over that time." They remark on the change from over 20 galleries on Tennyson to those numbers slowly dwindling. The implication is that the Highlands do not feel like an up-and-coming art locale anymore.

Denver's art scene has always centered on the Santa Fe art district, Santa Fe Drive between roughly 8th and 11th Streets. Over the years different neighborhoods have tried to draw in art crowds, including the nearby Golden Triangle, South Pearl and, of course, the Highlands.

In addition to the shrinking Highlands art scene, the gallery nrc press release sites owner Neil Corman's desire to focus on his photography business. He plans on concentrating on Neil Corman Photography in an effort to expand that business.

gallery nrc will hold a closing reception on Thursday, January 16, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the gallery premises. After that the gallery will host just one more event, the Buy Bye Art Sale. An event they co-host with Metro Frame Works, the Buy Bye Art Sale will see hundreds of pieces of artwork up to 75 percent off the original price. The sale runs January 25 and January 26.

Despite this melancholy farewell, Corman and the staff at gallery nrc urge art patrons to continue visiting the regular art walks at the Highlands. Art walks generally take place both the first and third Fridays of each month.

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