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Highland Woods Golf Course has a water hazard at 13

Highland Woods Golf Course is an 18 holes, Forest Preserve Golf course at 2775 N. Ela Road in Hoffman Estates, Ill. This golf course, which is the northernmost, Cook County, Forest Preserve Golf course, has the following total yardages: Gold teeing grounds—6,934 yards, Blue teeing grounds—6,772 yards, White—6,490/6457 yards and Red—5,831 yards. The 13th hole has the last, water hazard on this course.

The water hazard is obvious in the middle ground.
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The 13th hole is par three. The average distance from the Gold, rear teeing ground to the putting green is 224 yards. The average distance from the Blue teeing ground is 214 yards. From the White teeing ground, the average distance varies—193/160 yards. One hundred twenty-six yards is the average distance from the Red teeing ground. This hole has a #3, course hole handicap.

At 224 yards (from the rear, Gold teeing ground) most golfers will need to drive with 3-metal/woods, 2-metal/woods or drivers. Since it is impossible to apply backspin using woods, golfers will need to land their golf balls well short of the putting green so these balls can roll onto the green. If some golfers have 1-irons (rare) or 2-irons, they should use them to apply backspin and reach the putting green.

At approximately 110 yards from the Gold teeing grounds, the water hazard begins. (This hazard bisects the fairway.) It is moderately large and has four lobes.

This hole’s putting green has an elongated (lengthwise), oval shape. A moderate size sand bunker is on its right size. This bunker is close to the putting green’s, right side, and it begins at approximately the same distance that the putting green’s, front edge begins.

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