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Higher fees to park at Bart ?

Bart fees
Bart fees
john swager

Could be.Anyone who has gone to the Pleasanton or Dublin BART station and could not find a place to park will be thrilled by the following regarding a fee increase.

According to BART, the increase will cover the costs of providing parking, as well as to help renovate BART's aging infrastructure, keep the cost of BART fares down, and to improve BART service.BART is considering charging market-based fees for its parking spaces. This means that parking fees at a particular station would be based on the demand for parking at that station. At stations where parking lots are full, the parking fees may be increased up to two times per year. It is expected that daily fees at most stations would be increased in 50 cent increments, while monthly reserved parking would be increased by $10.50 (which works out to about 50 cents per day). If parking lots are no longer full, the fees would be decreased.

The game changers at BART figures it costs the agency around $2 a day to maintain, illuminate and police each parking spot in its system. A rider pays from $1 and $3. Monthly passes work out to $2 and $4 a day, and long-term parking is $5 a day in the East Bay.

If you can find a parking space.

BART is also considering market-based fees with a price cap. With a price cap, it is expected that daily parking fees would range from $1 - $3 at most stations, based on demand. Monthly reserved parking would range from $42 - $126 at most stations, based on demand.

You thought finding a space to park, finding a seat and the train being on time was all you had to worry about.

They also have a survey you can take for your thoughts on this.


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