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Higher Brain Living: Exciting Demonstration 2/10/14

“What if the highest part of your brain could be energized for greater joy, increased rejuvenation, better relationships, higher confidence and more abundance?”

Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of the most advanced method to access the higher brain via Higher Brain Living will be in Los Angeles for the Conscious Life Expo as well as a demonstration on Monday, February 10, at the LAX Marriott.

A recent study demonstrated that up to 90% of all medical doctors office visits are now a result of stress.

Most of us are stuck in the lower brain process of survival, fight or flight and problem solving. Leading edge scientists have found that we are only using 5% of our higher brain! We are striving for the human evolution that will progress away from the reptilian brain, where war and conflict exist and move into higher brain functions to enter into inner peace and bliss.

Higher Brain Living® is being brought forth by Dr. Michael Cotton, who has individually provided over 75,000 personal growth sessions. Higher Brain Living currently has more than 165 licensed facilitators across the U.S. This system helps bring energy from the lower primitive survival part of brain to higher part, the most modern advanced evolved part of brain, called the pre-frontal cortex. The more primitive brain was designed to keep you safe in predatory environment.

Haven’t you noticed that no matter how hard you try to change in certain areas, the lower brain survival mechanism repeats the same patterns in your life over and over again?

There is evidence that the lower brain is functioning to experience this survival mechanism and cannot change until you get energized in the pre-frontal cortex. HBL shifts the center of gravity from lower brain into higher brain, and when the energy builds in the higher brain we feel empowered, on purpose and experience joy and pleasure. HBL helps bring energy into that part of your brain. It helps you develop a strategy to bring that higher brain energy to all those things in your life you want to change, thus helping you create the life of your dreams.

“Moods are connected with brain correlates. Something is going on with the physical brain that connects these two things.When utilizing the higher brain pre-frontal cortex there is an increase positive mood and it elevates our emotional states. Lower brain tries to maintain the survival mode, keeping status quo.” Dr. Michael Cotton

In the post-modern world, life is too complex and the primitive brain strategies no longer serve us. The lower part of the brain cannot handle the complexities of contemporary life. We may find ourselves getting stuck physiologically and there is a battle between lower brain and the newly emerged higher brain. While the higher brain already exists we need to learn how to access it, by sending energy and increasing metabolic function.

It is not possible to go back to a life that was less complex, although many of us yearn for it. However, you can live an elevated existence, even in this complex world, by learning to drive energy into the higher brain. With access to this, we can move forward and are able to deal with the contemporary lifestyle from a higher brain perspective. The lower brain speeds up to stay afloat yet it just creates stress and anxiety. Being aligned with the higher brain will promote growth and evolution. Like winning athletes who perform in the zone, when we are accessing our higher brain functions everything seems to slow down. Once in the zone, mastery occurs.

For Dr. Michael Cotton, an awakening occurred while in college. From struggling as an almost drop-out to learning how to turn on what creates elevated consciousness, he had an epiphany. His passion evolved from his own shortcomings to his transformation. He was able to move from dropout to leader and achiever. Like most brilliant discoveries, they are founded on a need that was missing. Dr. Cotton discovered a system to transform himself. He spent decades exploring many modalities from Krya Yoga to modern psychology, Dr. Cotton discovered the missing link in helping people consistently transform. He discovered that when the pre-frontal cortex was turned on, you can wake up to a new reality via physiological changes. When using a certain part of the higher brain (from a scientific perspective) he discovered and designed a system to cue pathways to the body. This protocol was developed with the release of energy from prompting pathways with the right sequence. This energy moves up to the higher pre-frontal cortex of the brain. This is specifically viewed and measured from a modern western scientific perspective.

As Dr. Cotton explains, “This higher part of the brain, known as the pre-frontal cortex is untapped potential. It is the place where we can see goals we want to accomplish and take the action steps necessary to make that happen. From a deep spiritual connection to states of joy, we can elevate our consciousness and accomplish our life’s dreams. We discovered pathways in the body, which if prompted in the right place, at the right time, in the right way, would release energy that moves up into that untapped part of higher brain. That potential is there in all of us, an untapped mechanism, that will engage and start this breath response, called salutogenic breath. This process is moving breath up to higher brain and oxygenating the higher brain will increase metabolism. It also facilitates a release of tension or stress out of body, by letting go of the old lower, primitive brain junk. When we allow more energy into the higher brain, that higher brain energy effects all areas of their life. This allows for a radical and transformative change as well as progress.”

Dr. Cotton goes onto explain that “Pathways in the body have the potential to release energy if they’re cued in a very specific sequence which allows a change in breathing pattern. With breath building, the salutogenic response, (automatic response) the brain is engaging to increase it’s own metabolism. Energy building in the higher part of brain, cues its own mechanism to start to further build that energy in the untapped evolutionary part of the brain. While the lower brain tries to keep sameness, the higher brain is where we can create change, grow evolve and thrive. Humanity has been locked into lower brain strategies.”

When this change occurs all of mankind will shift to a higher level. Once we reach critical mass, the planet will evolve.

By sending breath to this part of the brain, it becomes empowered and the metabolism is increased. When this occurs you can make change in any area of your life. While the lower brain tries to create sameness, higher brain is expansive. As you advance into this system you can access the higher brain through physiology and energy building. HBL is creating protocols that move energy up from the lower part of the brain to the higher untapped part of the human brain. This frees us up from the lower brain strategies that don’t let us move forward in our life.

“ We need to be aware that we are only using 5% of the potential of the highest more evolved part of the brain. The architecture is laying there mostly dormant. Within a 45 minute session you get the upload and there is also higher brain living guidebook, where each session is aligned with specific steps to create a strategy for your life. This is a repeatable process that brings the higher brain to all areas of your life. In this twenty two step program you will get the upload.”

In summary, this process enables energy to flow to the higher brain, shifting the center of gravity from lower to higher. After experiencing the twenty-two steps, the quantum shift in the energy occurs from the lower brain to higher. You will learn to turn that response on yourself, in addition to using the guidebook, where you will take inventory to what you want to change in your life. Each client learns to develop a strategy, a way that anchors the higher brain response, so you can see the future, take the steps necessary to create your dreams, anchoring that part of the brain with your goals, vision and passion.

Many of us make new years resolutions where we affirm changes year after yearThe areas that are resistant to change are tied into the lower brain physiology, that primal part of the brain that wants us to stay the same. Most self-help does not create marked changes in our patterns of behavior. HBL develops the right physiology that creates sustainable change, because self-help is missing physiological components. These changes trickle down into all areas when you turn on the higher brain response. When you shift into a growth mode, you can thrive in any situation. It also enhances the other modalities that you are using, such as yoga, meditation or Reiki. The process increases the sustainable changes and is like a catalyst that exponentially increases the efficacy of the other methods. When enrolled in the program you use the guidebook to develop higher brain processes to all areas of your life.

So in essence, the future is now. Learning this twenty-two step process will catapult you into a new zone, one of peace, progress and more joy and bliss. What could be better than this?

“Humans must prepare for a momentous leap…it is not merely a transition to a new level of existence but a start of a new ‘movement’ in the symphony of human history.”
- Dr. Claire Graves

Dr. Michael Cotton is in town this weekend and on Monday, February 10 at LAX Marriott from 6:30-8:30 Pm.there will be a free lecture and demonstration of Higher Brain Living.(provided attendees RSVP in advance), and he will be a speaker at the Conscious Life Expo on February 8th.

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