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Highasakite live at the House of Blues

From across the world and fresh off of an appearance at the SXSW festival, Highasakite, made up of Ingrid Helene Håvik, Trond Bersu, Øystein Skar, Marte Eberson and Kristoffer Lo, are a Norwegian band making waves around the world. While their debut album, All That Floats Will Rain, was released in Norway in February, 2012 and their latest album, Silent Treatment, comes out worldwide on April 7th, the band started to gain momentum following a tweet from Bon Iver’s, Justin Vernon tweeted at one of their performances.

Highasakite live at the House of Blues, San Diego-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

“Beautiful music from Highasakite at Øya Festival. Holy shit this was a crazy band! I loved it!”

The quintet opened up for the similar London Grammar on Sunday night at the House of Blues. The band’s setup is a bit different from the typical band you’d see. With 5 members but no bass, rather two synthesizers are used to create their atmospheric tones. Guitarist Kristoffer Lo grabbed my attention several times, switching between playing the guitar and flugabone, another unorthodox instrument used by the band. From the upper deck, I could see that drummer, Trond Bersu also played a digital drum pad with the utmost precision.

Ingrid’s incredibly soft spoken demeanor as she timidly thanks the crowd changes abruptly as the passion and power rings out in her voice through their songs. Her voice is unreal. With a hint of Bulgarian folk influence, the power and raw emotion behind her voice grabs all attention.

Opened with “Lover, Where Do You Live?” from Silent Treatment, many people in the audience found themselves open mouthed at the relatively unknowns. The song starts in a slow pace, only to build into a grandiose sound layered with a soft guitar, synths, and the band providing a vocal echo behind Ingrid’s already impressive pipes. The emotion held high throughout the night, with the band taking little breaks to thank the crowd for coming out.

While still relatively unknown, a quick visit to their online pages will find the band picking up fans at every stop of their tour.

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