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High-tech Valentine's Day gifts with low prices

In case you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift for someone who loves smartphones and tablets, here's a Valentine's Day Guide with a few lower-cost items your tech-loving Valentine may appreciate. For starters, the Feb. 7 Salt Lake Tribune's Money section suggests either of two video gadgets: Google Chromecast ($35), or Roku ($49) as fun gifts for this season. The video attached to this article shows some gifts that cost a little more and may also be fun, including a small red Ferrari ($80).

Either Tech Touch Gloves or fingerless gloves may be useful if your Valentine spends time outdoors or in a car during these cold days and wants to text or check emails (not while driving).
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Either Tech Touch Gloves or fingerless gloves may be useful if your Valentine spends time outdoors or riding in a car during these cold days and wants to check emails or send texts (not while driving, please). These gloves are available at a number of stores including Target, Macy's, and Dick's. Tech Touch Gloves feature a conductive spot in each index finger and thumb so that the wearer can use a smartphone or tablet screen without taking off the gloves. These gloves will be especially good for students who want to text and email while walking to school, and also great for phone users who wait outdoors for a bus or commuter train. They cost around $10 and come in bright colors and interesting patterns.

Some of our favorite high-tech Christmas gifts will make good Valentine's presents. Check this article for the story on iFrogz Ear Buds, available at Verizon stores and for $19.99. The retro-look phone handset, an old-fashioned receiver that plugs into any smart phone, is fun and still available at some Target and Best Buy stores, though this one is more expensive now than when it initially hit the market.

Modular chargers for all devices are always a hit, as are spare phone charging cables, and extension cords for those cables, for people who travel with technology. Look for the chargers that allow you to plug two or more devices in to a single electrical outlet or auto cigarette lighter plug; see details in this article.

Memory stick prices per megabyte continue to decrease while the capacity of a single stick increases. Another memory stick may be useful to anyone with a home computer system for saving copies of photos and love letters.

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